MLFBaseball Podcast Episode #16

Lots of juicy advice in this episode as we give you the edge in your league. Lots of guys out there that can help down the road that you should know about. Things may have come off the rails in the end…. Glenn may end up moving to an island with Brandon Morrow….. Don’t forget to vote on iTunes and follow us on twitter @MLFBaseball. Thanks for listening!!

MLFBaseball Podcast Episode #15

Things get a little crazy as we wrap up the week with some sneaky pickups. There may have been a little extra drinking in this one…. Thanks for listening, don’t forget to follow us on twitter @MLFBaseballContinue Reading

Closer Chaos: Who’s in and Who’s Out?

The 2014 season is underway and just like every other year there is a multitude of closing jobs up for grabs.  This will be the first of many articles where we pick apart each situation and attempt to point out the guys that will end up with the jobs. New York Mets Kyle Farnsworth –Continue Reading

Sticky Note Challenge Entries

  Tom Glenn Eddie Yancy Tony Donald Kemp 33 HR? Yes No No No No No Bogaerts 20 HR Under Over Under Under Under Under Howard 33 HR Over Under Under Under Over Under Bogaerts or Gregorius Bogaerts Bogaerts Bogaerts Bogaerts Bogaerts Bogaerts Belt .290/20/75? No No Yes Yes No No CarGo 33 HR? OverContinue Reading

Week 1 Wrap

What a wonderful week it has been! Baseball is back into full swing and fantasy owners are busy adding, dropping and trading. Week one was packed full of big home runs including a shot to the moon by Stanton. Here are my thoughts on what has transpired thus far… Trumbo I hate to be anContinue Reading

MLFBaseball Podcast Episode #14

We over react to the first week as we talk about guys who we will probably never speak of again.  We also give you some injury fill-ins and go over the closer situations around the league.  We surprisingly get our first call in and go over our lonely email.  Don’t forget to follow us onContinue Reading

MLFBaseball Podcast Episode #13

We apologize for getting this up a few days late, but there is still plenty of relevant content in this episode.  We read a few emails, wrap up spring training, and give a few pickups to replace your fallen soldiers.  Don’t forget to vote for us on iTunes and follow us on twitter @MLFBaseball.Continue Reading

2014 Best Starting Pitchers still on the Market

Wow! The injury report on pitchers before the 2014 season takes off is insane! Clayton Kershaw fell early along with Beachy, Medlen, Corbin and many more. It is scary when pitchers go down because their replacement value is hard to match. But fantasy baseball is won by playing the best player available at the givenContinue Reading

Fantasy Baseball 2014: Guys I Love and Those I Loathe

We are just days from Opening Day 2014, yet I feel like it is an eternity away. All I can do is look at my fantasy teams and think, “Which guys are going to tear it up and which ones are going to be total busts?” Looking at my teams, I have noticed that IContinue Reading

MLFBaseball Podcast Episode #12

We take a look at relief pitchers, introduce a couple new segments including our new sticky note contest, and talk about spring training.  We also demonstrate why you don’t drink old beer, and give you the usual Grady Sizemore update.  Follow us on twitter @MLFBaseball and don’t forget to vote on iTunes!Continue Reading